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i made both myself <3 (for the first one i actually looked up chibi pics and and sort of drew based off of them and then for the second one i used pic collage to make a collage) oppa i love you on the first card it says " Leeteuk oppa - HWAITING <3 Heechul oppa - saranghaeyo <3 Hankyung oppa - missing you <3 Yesung oppa - i love your voice <3 Kangin oppa - welcome back <3 Sungmin oppa - Forever the aegyo king <3 Eunhyuk oppa - Happy birthday Dancing king <3 Zhou mi oppa - Hwaiting Mimi <3 Donghae oppa - i love your new hairstyle <3 Siwon oppa - Hwaiting charming prince <3 Ryeowook oppa - so handsome <3 Kibum oppa - good luck with your drama <3 Kyuhyun oppa - i love your heavenly voice <3 Henry oppa - you are just perfect <3 ~ good luck with SS5 <3 ~ ELF " if u do end up taking the pic please be sure to credit me as aneezaful