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Rogue and Kagura! I didn't even know about this ship until four day's ago and now I'm totally hooked! Even though they never really have had moments together these photos make me want to ship them together so much!!!! I still like Rogue and Yukino but I think Rogue and Kagura have completely won my heart❤
honestly this couple nvr came to mind. not bad. thou sad that she's old now
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@veselovskayavic kagura isn't old I think you're mistaking her for Ultear
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Oh kay I see wat I did here. nvm she's not that daughter so we all good
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idc I like this couple thou and sting with the white short haired girl not lisana
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@veselovskayavic yea I'm glad you realized it 😅 and yea I totally love Yukino and Sting together
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