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All the excitement behind Star Wars: The Force Awakens has finally brought us to that place where lightsabers started to bleed into other media with love. Take this video by Boris the Blade, for example.
Now, this isn't a simple mod (as if mods are simple, heh heh), it's something Boris spent weeks recreating in After Effects. I don't have any experience in making mods or using After Effects but part of me feels like making a video (such as the one below) is a lot harder than actually making a mod. Or, maybe it's simpler. It's something that's [blank]-er, that's for sure.
Even though the short is only a minute in length, you can tell a lot of care went into the final product. The way Boris repurposed some of the dialogue in order to set the stage for this lightsaber fight is great and it's even funnier that Trevor harnesses the power of flipping people off into shooting some force lightening. I personally think it's a great touch since it fits in with Trevor's character/personality so well.
I also find myself chuckling at the end of the video. If anyone out there plays GTA Online, then you probably laughed along with me. The way the word Winner drops down and Michael starts humping the air reminds me of all the times I've lost races or team deathmatches while I played GTA Online.
What do you guys think though? I only wish that it was a little bit longer or that he took even longer making this thing to include Franklin as well. Could you imagine that? Three people battling with lightsabers? It's most likely nothing short of awesome.
that was great
Lmao that was fantastic