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{NN} Equipt the best!
@VinMcCarthy If I had to choose a weapon to wield would pick one of Erza Scarlet's swords. Every one of her swords are powerful and I would love to wield any one of them. Though I am kind of partial to the sword that goes with her heavens wheel armor. I think that is my favorite.
If not Erzas heavens wheel sword then I would choose the bloody rose from Vampire Knight. Even though it is a vampire hunter gun it would still be pretty awesome to wield. But bloody rose would be my second choice. Either way, both would be amazing weapons to wield.
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dope picks! I know @danse said he was also a fan of firearms.
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id saaaaaaay senbonzakura
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@VinMcCarthy thanks I couldn't really pick between the two because I love both. I don't know whether I would be better with a sword or a gun 😄
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