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Take a deem breath, everyone: we don't have to hear from those Patriots fans anymore about going undefeated this year.

We have the Denver Broncos and QB Brock Osweiler - yes, Brock Osweiler - to thank for that, as the Broncos beat the Patriots in overtime, 30-24, in a snowstorm in Denver on Sunday Night Football.
Osweiler did exactly what the Broncos needed him to do in a tight affair vs. the league's best team: manage the game and make no mistakes.
While he did throw 1 INT, he was rock solid (if not great) for most of the game, and a revitalized Broncos run game combined with their always-stellar defense did the rest of the job.

RB C.J. Anderson took a pitch play to the house for a 48-yard walk-off TD in overtime.

There's nothing better than football in the snow and this felt like the first real game of the winter. It was great to watch Anderson romp his way to the endzone to win the game, and it was made all the better by the fact that it meant that the Patriots' dreams of going undefeated are no longer.
The Patriots had a big scare when the league's best tight end, Rob Gronkowski, went down in the 4th quarter with a leg injury. While it looked really, really bad at first, initial reports suggest that it's not the dreaded ACL injury that everyone was thinking when he first hit the turf.
In the grand scheme of things, this loss doesn't hurt the Patriots too much. They'll still win the AFC East, and they'll still probably (almost definitely) be the AFC's no. 1 seed all the way through the playoffs.

But it's great for this one Jets fan who doesn't have to worry about their total and utter dominance this time around.

Anyone see the game? Definitely one of the best games I've watched this season!
FUCK YEA!! #FUCKthePatriots!
Yea what Staightshooter said. I can't stand those bums and crybabies.
It was definitely one of the most exciting football games I've seen!
Well the Pats had a lot of injuries.....but still a great game!
It was a great game. The Broncos fought hard and came out with a well deserved win.