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{NN} Memories for a lifetime!!

Well it hasn't been long since I joined the Nani November community but I love it all the same..... I really want to thank people like Vin who organize these giveaways, those who love seeing people get happy! Even to those who didn't win, you should still be happy that you participated and probably made friends from all of this!!!
My favorite moment from Nani November is just that....seeing people happy! Seeing all the likes on my card, made me happy and proud, because I was sharing my likes/dislikes to you guys an you responded with what you thought about it all! I never had many friends nor people who had the same seeing people commenting on how they like my card or the show that i talked made me feel like I belong somewhere..... I truly feel like I made friends for a lifetime....hence the name as I made memories for a lifetime!! It doesn't have to only be about the prole I met in the anime community but I also want to give a big warm hug to the k-pop community...without them I would not have found this lovely community!!! I hope its not just me but I feel like @destiny1419 @ArmyofKookie @CreeTheOtaku @Emealia @Rhia @kpopandkimchi are truly wonderful people who i consider friends! ♥♥♥ I hope that I would get the chance to participate in many more giveaways and meet many more awesome people on the way!! For we are nakama and we always have each others backs!!!! Thank you so much!!!!♥♥♥♥♥ ^-^ Tagging @VinMcCarthy
@VinMcCarthy thank you and your very welcome!!!
this is so awesome! thanks so much ofr the kind words and I totally agree wih this all. the best part of this whole thing is seeing people make new friends and grow together.
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