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By now, we've all realized how great Marvel's Jessica Jones is. We've fallen in love with the show and we're all kind of surprised that Netflix has, somehow, done it again in terms of their original Marvel series of shows.
Now, I could probably talk about all the great comic book-y things about this show but I'm sure @shannonl5 has that covered. And you know what? I'm okay with that because I haven't really been in the comic world as much as I should be. But you know where I have been? I've been in the world of cinema and all that fun, pretentious stuff.
That being said, one of the biggest surprises (for me anyway) in the series is the opening titles. I know you probably skip through it after watching it for the first time. But there's something that's mesmerizing about it. Something that puts it a step above Daredevil's opening titles.

It's Visually Frantic

There's something appealing about not knowing what the hell is going on when the opening titles first start. It looks like everything is a painting or the visuals are being affected by vibrations, pulling everything apart. And after watching the show -- even a little bit -- we can see that this shows us a little bit of Jessica's character. We can assume that her life, before the show, was a lot less than just relaxed. The opening titles show us this.

It's Vivid and Colorful

I've complained before about how dark the trailers were and part of me was worried that most of the show would reflect the same. But the vivid colors -- especially the color purple, which shows up a lot throughout the show -- are very important to the show itself. And this comes through in the opening titles as well. It's beautifully done. The nature of the visuals paired with the colors used throughout, give us something to concentrate on. To look at and take in. It's a lot different than Daredevil's opening titles, which relied heavily on dark reds and whites.

It's all from Jessica's Perspective

The images we see during the opening titles can be anything. Divorced from the show, we can take it apart and realize that this is how Jessica Jones sees the world around her. Or more specifically, Hell's Kitchen. It's amazing because in about a minute, we learn so much about our titular character. She sees the world as this frantic place that is being pulled apart horizontally or vertically but she also sees it as a beautiful vivid world. It gives us an idea of what the inside of Jessica Jones' mind is like and a lot of opening titles fail to do that.
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The opening took me by surprise when I saw it the first time. Definitely fitting of the story and the perspective of our main character.
@AaronFox this is a breakdown of the opening titles ^_^
@KristianHampton same here!
I like what I see.
@AaronFox it's excellent :D