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Mom-Calling is an art form. Kids across the globe learn at an early age what pitch and intensity will grab their moms attention instantly. My sister was the MASTER of this, as she could send my mom into a tail-spin in a heartbeat.
Well for those with a "unique set of skills" (I have been DYING to use a "Taken" line in one of my today is your big day, as mom-calling is an official sport in the state of Iowa.
That's right, on top notch mom-call could push you to celebrity status in the Mid-West.
"Mom-Calling" an organized competitive free-for-all that pits kids from Council Bluffs to Cedar Rapids against each other to see who is the whiniest of 'em all.
The event is held at the annual Iowa State Fair and is the talk of the town each year. Catch the video above which displays the winners from 2010.

Who would've thought that whining could be a good thing?

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Hmmm I wonder if this also depends on how high-pithed they are...will test to see. hehe
Omg, I would've won this one as a child. I was relentless.
Too much #Monsanto in the #corn creates issues in the brain?
I couldn't judge this contest and my kids wouldn't enter because they already know that they shouldn't call me unless someones bleeding or dying <3