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For starters nobody would fall for this.

Seriously everyone in the world would know about the Science Bros. and they definitely wouldn't let these two borrow their names.

Who you gonna call?

Depends, is the problem local, alien, or angelic? The world would probably need a special phone book just for their specific world-ending problems.

This guy would probably be in good company.

Can anyone else imagine John Constantine trading tips with Dean Winchester? They both have way too much in common. Maybe they'd make a facebook group for demon slayers.

Imagine the day the boys meet Iron Man.

How long would it take Tony to ask them to find their chill?

... okay who else needs this crossover?

Started as a joke and now I'm here.
Yes! But the Avengers would have to call Blade or Ghost Rider 馃槀馃槀馃槀
Lol that will be the day
please oh pretty please.
I need this!!!!!!
@SterlingH89 lol yup Cap deals with aliens and they deal with angels seems fair
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