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Erykah Badu Doesn’t Think Iggy Azalea Is a Rapper
Last night Erykah Badu the Soul Train Awards. The Queen of Neo-Soul was in rare form, guiding the fans with ease through the ceremony.
One of the highlights of the show was a shocker, as Badu shared her thoughts on Iggy Azalea in a well scripted segment. Badu made Iggy her punchline after saying the evening wouldn’t focus on hip-hop. You see, that’s when Erykah got a phone call and guess who was on the line.

“Iggy Azalea,” she said. “Yeah, hey…Oh, no…you can come ’cause what you doin’ is definitely not rap.”

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The joke went viral on social media immediately Badu said wasn’t just clowning Iggy; she even took some jabs at herself.
“As you know, I am the queen of neo soul and people say I have this common effect on rappers,” she said. “That I make them change gods and wear crochet hats, shoulder pads. So they have banned me from all of the hip-hop awards with a sign saying ’Erykah Badu, leave our rappers alone.'”
I don't know guys, looks like Iggy took a serious blow on this one. Do you think she will reply to this or let it go?
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