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Last night Erykah Badu the Soul Train Awards. The Queen of Neo-Soul was in rare form, guiding the fans with ease through the ceremony.
One of the highlights of the show was a shocker, as Badu shared her thoughts on Iggy Azalea in a well scripted segment. Badu made Iggy her punchline after saying the evening wouldn’t focus on hip-hop. You see, that’s when Erykah got a phone call and guess who was on the line.

“Iggy Azalea,” she said. “Yeah, hey…Oh, no…you can come ’cause what you doin’ is definitely not rap.”

The joke went viral on social media immediately Badu said wasn’t just clowning Iggy; she even took some jabs at herself.
“As you know, I am the queen of neo soul and people say I have this common effect on rappers,” she said. “That I make them change gods and wear crochet hats, shoulder pads. So they have banned me from all of the hip-hop awards with a sign saying ’Erykah Badu, leave our rappers alone.'”
I don't know guys, looks like Iggy took a serious blow on this one. Do you think she will reply to this or let it go?
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she can reply all she likes,and make herself look like even more of an idiot.
2 years ago·Reply
@ChosenKnight XD not quite as awesome as "Miley what's good" but definitely as satisfying
2 years ago·Reply
yeah I was really hoping she would say more lol
2 years ago·Reply
@ChosenKnight lol sometimes the facial expression says it all.
2 years ago·Reply
true lol
2 years ago·Reply