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Hey guys i need your help!!!! I know the show is December 2nd in Hong Kong but does anyone know what time and day that'll be here in the U.S?? Also does anyone know of a reliable live source to watch it?? This is my first year watching it as I am new to KPOP and I would really appreciate it if you guys have any answers!!! I've been racking my brain trying to figure out the time zone situation and I reeeally don't want to miss the live show!!! My loyal Vinglers @CreeTheOtaku  @destiny1419  @ARMYStarlight  @Thelovelyscout  @xxxtina  @jojojordy2324  @RainaC3  @RochelleDiamond  @CristinReynolds  @AletheaOwan  @daljiyong  @MickieDanels15  @VixenViVi  @yulissab2015  @nakebakonadu  @CloverShadows  @xojuliettexox  @kpopandkimchi  @sarangseoltang  @JohnEvans  @KpopGaby  @exobts947  @saraortiz2002  @AlittleJoy  @amandamuska  @MandyNoona  @nell03  @ZephyrBlaze  @ElniWyatt  @ryannkayla  @MayraCastro  @3SecondsOfHope  @xXYGXx  @xsandos17  @RihannaTiaMay  @btsgotshinee  @SkyRollins  @YeseniaF  @BAbrajan1  @christianliu  @kyky97  @TaehyungV  @JulissaMartinez  @JasmineWilliams  @JulissaMartinez  @Adetoro  @GauhuaYang  @Kyokeo  @emilyanpham14  @NerukaWong  @JeremiahValdez  @SarahVanDorn  @SunnaWalo  @aishaaakp  @AnnahiZaragoza  @Kieuseru  @thePinkPrincess  @RavenQueen0810  @XtinaHsing  @jessicaclove  @ChelestiEdwards  @Lizzeh  @Meeshell  @Baekyeol27  @ParkHwaYoung  @MandyNoona
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@nmeza29 When I went it was just the meet and greet. They're doing the red carpet now everyone!!!
2 years ago·Reply
I'm watching the MAMA awards on tv and the v app lol
2 years ago·Reply
Lucky!!! I wish I had the channel @nmeza29
2 years ago·Reply
BTS looked STUNNING 😍😍😍😍
2 years ago·Reply
I love a lot of the artists on MAMA but I will say BTS has been playing on my music a lot lately 😍😍😍
2 years ago·Reply