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Okay amigos, Now that I analyzed I need you and the Prologue I have some stuff to talk about in Run. Here is the link to my theory about I need you and the Prologue. I tired to organize my thoughts, know stuff happens. Here is the link to the Run video and videos of others reaction. Please watch the videos before reading! @JessAs let me Tag you before I forget!

Before I begin let me address my thoughts on this Suga and Jungkook thing....

Now, I've heard so many theories out there. I do not believe that Suga and Jungkook are lovers. Ppl say that they feel these two are because of how "intimate" the two are in scenes. I just think they are great amigos. I think the creator highlighted some best buddies groups within the whole group. Jimin and J-Hope are close buddies too. Jungkook is SUGA'S support and Jimin is J-Hope's support...other words besties. Suga obviously has a drinking problem and he is seemed always agressive, violent, and angry. In INU he is seen surrounded by fire when he dies. And in the Prologue he's playing with fire with the lighter. Jungkook is seen in Run trying to calm Suga down. He obviously doesn't like Suga drinking and behaving wild. Jungkook tries to tame the fire or the flame. That's why in the Prologue you see Jungkook blowing out the lighter that Suga is playing with and in INU Jungkook gets into a fight with Suga. Have you been in a situation with an addict and you try taking away their drug of choice while they are intoxicated? Well most likely you are gonna end up fighting. They remind me of the twins in Neverland not lovers. The twin are very close and there is scene in Peter pan where the twins fight like crazy, but they fix everything after the fight. Side Note: Did anyone notice Jungkook left his shirt. It's in the background. Maybe Jungkook left his home to give Suga support, but left in a rush cuz he was tired on dealing with Suga and his ways. That's when Suga creates the dire and Jungkook is hit by car...probably thinking about Suga.


I think Jin is alive. He never killed himself in the Prologue. Remember RM said or wrote we need to survive in the mirror I think Jin was the only to survive. Keep in mind Jin could be a mental patient and suffers from hallucinations. Sometimes, in the ancient times ppl who had hallucinations were seen to have the ability to walk that thin line between the living and the dead. I feel that is what Jin is doing. They put an X on Jin to show that he's different than the others. Throughout the video V is seen fluttering in a body of water. Remember that in the Prologue all the other members were associated with the way the died all over again. I think V in the water was him just reliving his death.

Jin the Keeper of souls or transporter....

The lily in Korean culture is associated with death. Perhaps the 6 petals represent the rest of the members. Butterflies also can be associated with death.....they are seen as souls. This could associate him being close to death....walking that thin line. He realizes at some point something is stage when his house of cards is knocked down. We see him stare into the camera. But he goes on...V knocking down the house of cards is his way of wanting him to wake up.

On the other hand.....Peter Pan Theory

Jin could be Peter Pan since he can only see live butterflies and he's the keeper of the Lilly petals. Peter Pan travels with the dead to make sure they have a safe trip to Neverland, but Peter never stays there. This could be why Jin has this connection and why he is not in the photo. Remember in the Prologue where he asks do you wanna go here. They say yes. The picture of the guys without Jin is the place....paradise....Neverland were they wanted to go. Also the truck! Jin is seen always driving thst truck. This could also support the notion of him bring Peter Pan or the transporter of souls.

Jimin and that tub....

It's odd how you see Jimin again in the tub. He's in the tune when his friends push him in the tub and in the end he's in the tub when he sets the photo on fire. Then you see V in the tub screaming. This could be again supporting the notion that he died by water.

The Photo Where is Jin.....

I think again they all are dead perhaps in Neverland...except Jin. Perhaps that's why he was not in the photo. He's the transporter or Peter Pan.

So what do you think?

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I like this theory! You really nailed all the questions I had from the mv
thanks I tired @JessAs