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Get your tissues ready, this one is a tear-jerker.
While Seinfield was a funny show that had few sad moments on the show, the main characters are known by many as people who cared deeply about their fans and always did their best to give back.
Recently, the actors on the show linked to create videos for a superfan dying of cancer
According to Daily Dot, a 67-year-old man named Jim Calder loved nothing more than to watch the antics of Jerry, Elaine, Newman, and Kramer. That’s why his son and his son’s wife decided that they had to find a way to cheer Calder up right before his birthday due to his battle with lung cancer.
Since the internet now makes all things possible, they began reaching out to the cast on social media, seeing if anyone would be willing to send the dying fan a heartfelt message before he succumbed to his battle with lung cancer. Almost everyone did on the cast set aside time to show Jim some love.
Michael Richards, however, took it one step further.
Michael Richards contacted James Calder and asked if he could schedule a personal phone call with his father. “[He] wanted to actually call my dad on the day of his birthday to wish him the best and have a chat,” James writes. “I was blown away by his kindness and generosity. I did try to coax him to create a video message as well, but he shared that he wasn’t interested in the publicity and just wanted to help me wish my dad a happy birthday.”
Sadly, Calder never lived to receive the phone call, but he got to see the videos. I'm sure his family will appreciate the kind words from the cast forever.
Ugh yes, I love how involved they still are with all their fans! @jordanhamilton
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