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You know those types -- you've either seen them, or you're one of them. And let me be honest with all of you, when I went to the gym for the first time when I was eighteen years old, I was the epitome of a lazy gym-goer.
So what exactly is a lazy gym-goer?
Lazy Gym-Goer: Someone who goes to the gym, but doesn't do shit the entire time they are there.

Sitting Inside of The Locker Room

You don't want anyone to see that you're clearly not working out, so you hideout at the locker room for a prolong period of time.

Taking Really Long Breaks

With every easy set, you need a 20 minute break. Goodness forbid if there's a sweat bubbling up on your forehead.

Taking Lots of Unneeded Water Breaks

You don't really need all those water breaks, but hey, it's a time waster. Every second wasted counts.

Feeling "Nauseous" So You Lay In The Restroom

Feeling slightly sore or sick? Time to visit the restroom and plop yourself in front of the television set. Ah, that's better -- there's some Pokemon on the screen. Looks like your ass ain't moving for about an hour.

Lightweight Baby!

You know you can easily handle 10 pounds for 10 reps. But, today's a lazy day, guys. We gonna do 2lbs for 3 reps. Oooo feel the burn.

Walking Slower Than A Turtle To Each Section...

It takes you exactly 7 minutes to move from one machine to the next. You've got it calculated. If you do this for at least 7 times, you'd be at the gym for almost an hour -- just from walking to each machine.

Making Multiple Snack Breaks To Pass Time

You're not hungry. Hell, you hate the nasty health bar you have in your bag. But doing nothing looks really bad. So, like the 'responsible' gym-goer, you're taking small, slow nibbles from your cardboard treat .
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@alywoah DUN DUN DUNNN. D:
Also, lmao @hhead232, I see you bein a creeper.
@danidee I don't know what you're talking about.
@hhead232 Uh huh.
I'm never like this when I go to the gym. If I work out and start to feel lazy I just leave. There's always tomm lol. I hate the people who are always on the phone on the machines or the group of friends who just sit and chat. 馃槖馃槖