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I posted this because of a earlier post I did of Justin Bieber, and I spit up on my pooch because I laughed when I saw the .gif image. For my Gizmo! Love you.
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@DevilsSon @Earsx18 @Earsx18 @xDaisyDaysx I had many dogs family, never fails they are so selfless creatures, in anime we can call them beast, but in reality they are souls being attached to us with love, love conquers all.
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@MichaelLopez they are pretty amazing, dogs, cats, birds, etc.. but not all animes refer to them as beasts. in many animes/mangas, they're their bestfriend, family member and sometimes the only thing they've got. We should love all animals :)
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@Earsx18 true, gotta tell Kishimotto stop referring the Nine tailed beasts as beast. That's a start!
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@MichaelLopez well it did kill a whole bunch of people tho xD slightly a beast lol
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I wish I had a dog I love dogs
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