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@VinMcCarthy So I know I'm probably gonna catch some great from all the yandere fans out there but if there was one anime character i would not date of have too say Yuno from Future Diary. She is beyond jealous, possessive ave extremely crazy. I get along with girls a lot more than i get along with guys so a majority of my friends are girls and I'd like to not have them or myself murdered by this jealous psycho.
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@amedina0125 Fear and pleasure go hand in hand. Why else do some people (like me) like horror movies so much?
@amedina0125 Of course, it should be said that everyone's different.
You have a very fair point i can't deny that many people do feel pleasure from the thrill given to them by fear although i personally never understood that @ShinigamiSan
I can't be the only one that thinks that dating Yuno would be pleasantly thrilling. Plus, I already have no friends, so it's not like she can just kill all Anime characters if she's in the real world with me.
hmmm i see your point and trust me you're not the only one I've seen many who think the way you do