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Hey all! This is the final response for Nani November Thanksgivingway! Unfortunately it had to end sometime..... What has been your favorite part of Nani November?
My favorite part was everyone's responses. Whether it was who they would invite for Thanksgiving dinner to their favorite anime fight, I was giddy reading everyone's responses. Some animes I've never even seen before (that I will be trying to get to) and some that are favorites were mentioned (^^)!
Just screenshots of the responses. ^^
Pretty much that was my favorite part of this entire challenge. ^^ I will be tagging people (for the last time..... in this challenge I mean.) @shannonl5 @buddyesd @ErinGregory @poojas @danidee @ButterflyBlu @nicolejb @VinMcCarthy @selley12
Awe!! yeah it's so cool to see what everyone responses are in challenges! Happy Last day of November!
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dope, dude. I feel the same way. I love seeing everybody share and exchange and, just, be cool together.
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