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hey guys! so I wanna make a wish jar and send it out to bighit hopefully the boys can get it as a Christmas gift!

I would like to send a jar full of love and support for our boys

to participate all you need to do is- -send me either a message or comment on this post. - include anything you want to say in a short message (remember I'm hand writing these so please be kind) - first name age and location must be included for example

Erika 22,CA - thank you for making music it always makes me happy and makes my day, I hope you all stay healthy and always feel our love <3

please feel free to share this with anyone that you know is a fan of BTS even if they aren't on vingle if you get me the message I'll be sure to make it. share the love (>^.^)>
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Selina 21, California- Thank you guys for working hard to create music that reaches people from many countries. Music oversees the boundaries of language and though I need subtitles I can feel the emotion and hard work you put into the songs you create. As an Army I will always love you guys and show constant support. Just One Day and Silver Spoon are my jams! BTS fighting!
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Gossamer, 20, Az-Happy Holidays BTS thank you for all the things you do for Armys we appreciate it and love you for it! When ever I'm down, thank you from the bottom of my heart for lifting me up again! Good Luck BTS lets continue to run together til the end! 💖
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Anjaya, 18, Arizona you guys are such dorks. very talented dorks and I love you all. BTS 화이팅!! ^^
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Maritza, 18, TX. - HAPPY HOLIDAYS! *pops those party poppers* *cheers* Thank you for existing, BTS is my favorite Korean group. The choreography is just insane, it's what actually got me into the group. Keep up the good work! Hopefully BTS returns to Texas so I can attend a concert. FYI Jungkook is my bias ❤️ I LOVE YOU BTS!
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OMG this is such a good idea. I'll message you
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