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So you ended it with your ex and have moved on in every way possible. You are now working towards your goals, with a new perspective on life and a new attitude. Everything seems to be falling nicely into place.
Until one day you bump into your ex and he starts telling you how good you’re looking and how much he still remembers the good times you shared. This person is sending all the messages that the flame still burns for you in his heart, and has indicated that maybe you both could catch a movie sometime.
Would you give your ex a second change at your heart?
In my opinion, NO! he became an ex for a reason :)
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No, I wouldn't. I've been... Convinced to do things with an ex, but I've never gotten into a relationship with any of them again. And it's only one ex from 6 years ago that I check in with every 8 or so months. But recently, really recently, our schedules coincided, and some stuff was happening in our lives, so we took the opportunity. But we agreed it wasn't anything and we don't want to get back together. I don't want to lol But no. No need for a second chance with ex's. MAYBE if YEARS have passed. Maybe.
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I agree that it all depends on why you broke up. I have some guys I broke up with where maybe if the circumstances were better, we'd probably date again. But other guys.. lol, they're not eligible for rehire.
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@danidee did you see my sad story scroll up
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@arnelli That girl sounds lame. :|
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@danidee i just dont know why its messed up cause i feel like it was my fault but life goes on
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