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the day has come (and gone) and I've been stuck on this album all day. (I've listened to the whole thing 7 times today :P and that's not including repeating a couple songs)
I love these boys and am extremely happy with all the hard work they put into this album
of course I'm obsessed with RUN (screenshots according to my top 4 bias list :P)
( in order of my bias list❤)
( in order of my bias list❤)
( in order of my bias list❤)
(I couldn't find the 'in' image)
@KpopGaby haha. its going to be super duper difficult
@KpopGaby haha. I'm terrible. 😛 but the album will take to long and I need to annoy my family with the sounds of Bangtan :P hahaha
@Kieuseru well it was at 7 when I started this. (and this card took a while to make because I had to go run errands and ofcourse while driving around I was listeningn to it.) so I lost count ;P @KpopGaby lol. I was going to wait but then I saw it was on Spotify and I couldn't resist :P I hope you have a little better luck
@nell03 I see haha ^_^ but I'm getting really tempted...but I MUST endure... ㅠㅠ
@nell03 Well I did it with Yonghwa and EXO's albums so I'm good XD but you should've waited!! If you wait longer, it's seriously gonna be worth wasting your money for it!
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