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Huh. Seems like $800 million is the new black...
Hhhmmmmmmmm. Conspiracy maybe. But am I the only one who think Turnbull is a talking human puppet? That some VERY wealthy men are having a right ol' laugh, taking turns to make his mouth move by shoving their hand up his butt? OR Think Men in Black... Alien posing as Turnbull? Step 1. Obtain ludicrously unfathomable amounts of Earth currency fast.
Looking for worldwide evidence? This dude's celebrating.
NOT a fancy dress party.
But yes, let's fix climate control at all costs!!!! Heaven knows we don't want the North Pole to completely melt. 1. People would be able to find it! 2. People would then find out the tragic accident that 'happened' to Santa during alleged take over of the top secret nonprofit headquarters (totally not for purposes of world domination). Think of the children!! Reduce carbon emissions!
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