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BTS theory I guess lol :p

×Please Watch the Mv first!× I Think bts already prepared all of the story... this is what I think when I saw the 'Run' Mv of them : 1. I think Jin is the First who Died by Drowning 2. And The frist Showing In the Mv is someone who are gonna drowning self and then I think it is Jin and Jin is wearing shoes ( While standing ) but then I change my mind and I think it again its look like V ( While gonna drown ) but Then the Shoes is GONE! 3. And then I think Jungkook is gonna die by Crashing by a car and died.... 4. And Jimin, Jimin Died because drowned by another member 5. And then Suga is Drinking and then fighting with Jungkook 6. Rapmon is sleeping on the ground 7. J - Hope is Overdose by something and jimin come and then starten a pillow fight... 8. I think Jungkook is the last who died because he is not to crazy... thanknyu =Its all I think okay ^^=
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