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So @kpopandkimchi has put out a 'self intro' challenge. Now that I've recovered from the BTS comeback, I figured it was time to get it done!
1. My name is Karen, but I'll go by Kieuseru, Kar (pronounced Care), or Cupid.
2. I'm American, from Michigan. No, not Detroit. Tip of the Mitt!
3. I like a lot of things, and I don't want to repeat the 'twenty things about me' card I already did. So...hmm....I love hockey. Saw my first ever live Red Wings game over my birthday week/vacation.
I'm a rookie when it comes to Korean, so I had to do this in English. I'm slowly learning (and I do mean SLOWLY), but I am eager to learn!
@kpopandkimchi yay! sounds like a good place for me to start
Oh okay that not too bad I have a friend that has a place in the UP and she says its almost 6 hours to the bridge but that could just be her driving lol.
@SamanthaRae19 darn. I think Ann Arbor is about 4 hours from me actually
Yay! Another Michigan Kpopper!!!
hihihi!!!! Thank you for doing an introduction^^ I'm going to focus on alphabet stuff for December so we'll all be able to read and write soon! Wooo!!!
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