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Did you ever notice that when people refer to "the holidays" its never Halloween, its never Fourth of July, and its certainly never St. Paddy's Day (the greatest holiday ever). The "holidays" are Christmas and New Years....and the entire month before they actually happen.
Soooo, welcome to the holidays! Here are the top 4 things you can do to really get your holiday spirit prepped and ready for snow, cookies, good old Santa, and egg nog.

Have a tree trimming party!

Christmas trees are what makes the holidays feel least in my book. So make a party out of it! Invite your closest friends and family over to decorate your tree, cook and eat Christmas cookies, listen to Christmas music, and most importantly, enjoy a drink or two! If you wanna go all, out make it a flannel PJ theme party!

Go Ice Staking!

There is something about the holidays that just make everyone want to go ice skating. The snow is still enjoyable, the weather isn't nearly as bitter as February, and all the snow globes seem to have ice skaters, right?! Make a romantic date of it or grab all your friends (and hold on tight to the clumsy ones). It'll be the most amazing time.

Enjoy all the Christmas classics with all types of Hot Coco!

Oh the weather outside is you might as well stay in, am I right? Cuddle up to the classics like A Christmas Carroll or just throw on the 25 days of Christmas. Add in some cookies and some crazy delicious hot coco and you'll be ready for St. Nick to visit.


All jokes aside, Christmas is about giving. Giving to those you love and giving to those that don't have anything to give back. Nothing, and I mean nothing, will make you feel as in touch with the holidays as buying toys for a little boy or girl who will cherish them forever. Or, adopting a solider to help them through the holiday. Or just going down to a soup kitchen or can drive. Any little bit helps and will make someones year.
This card made me super happy!!! Love the holiday's.
@lizarnone I need to give some Southern Hemisphere alternatives for the middle two. Maybe an ocean swim instead of ice skating and Iced Coffee instead of Hot Chocolate?
@LizArnone It took so long for me to get used to 100+ degree Christmases.
@InPlainSight HAHA SO TRUE!! i can not help but need snow on christmas...blame the north east in me
I have never been ice skating