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I had a lot of moments like that, so what if am a man, Negi (Naruto) when he fell my heart drain. Togoro (Yu-yu Hakasho) was sad, but when Ace died (One piece) I cried like Luffy! I even broke my fan. Sadly to say I was not sad when I broke my dying fan. :)
I cry with them馃槶
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ah, me too @AnjuGodinez, Like toy story when Andy leaves to college, sniff- sniff! Wow that felt good!
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yup that was very sad I think I was crying when Andy left. I was all like Noooooooo! don't leave the toys behind take them with you, he didn't馃槩馃槩馃槶馃槶
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We gotta grow up sometime I guess, (Gotta hide me toys) yeah it's life I guess. is it? :)
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yea its definitely life
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