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Erza proving a point! Women are just a good as men! ;p
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queen of the fairies!
2 years ago·Reply
I believe anyone can do all those if they have the ability
2 years ago·Reply
you tell them erza
2 years ago·Reply
before I realized that they were all the same girl I thought they were just random red heads and I was like oh look it's jessie in the first picture!
2 years ago·Reply
Kurokami Medaka, Tsunade, Lal Mirch, Yuni, Chrome Dokuro, Yuno Gasai, Haruhi Suzumiya, Haruhi Fujioka, Maka Albarn, Miu Furinji, Rachel Moore/Ran Mori, and Master Genkai taught me that, among many others and many other things.
2 years ago·Reply