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This cow-producing factory has one major goal: to feed hundreds of people.

How? Create 100,000 cow embryos per year and provide 5 percent of the meat eaten in China.

The point isn't to create MORE cow, but to skip 3-4 generations of breeding necessary to create herds of a specific kind of cow. Essentially creating the "perfect meat" cow, over and over.
The factory is a 200 million yuan (over $31 million) center located in the Tianjin Economic-Technological Development Area, a government-sponsored business area about 100 miles from Beijing.
This commercial business is government sponsored and endorsed. China has officially given it's sign of approval, regardless of ethical dilemma's posed in other countries.
BoyaLife, the company tasked with the cloning, is also working to clone champion racehorses and extremely smart dogs, like those use to sniff for drugs.
Xu Xiaochun, the chief executive of BoyaLife told The Guardian that the new clone factory would also rescue endangered species from extinction.
“We want it to be modern, we want it to be cutting edge. We want it to represent the future,” Xu Xiaochun stated.
Now, let's hope they don't go on cloning dinos as their next business move... we all know how that ended...

What do you think of this factory? Is is using science responsibly or messing with nature in a bad way?

This sounds a bit frightening if you ask me. I mean it's good because technology is advancing but what if something goes wrong? Then it'll just ruin an animal's life for research. I think that's pretty cruel and unfair.
Exactly, since it's not a safe bet that the animals will come out unharmed. I don't like that idea. Seems depressing T.T
Wow, this is a big move, @davionunderwood might correct me, but I don't know of any cloning on such a large scale. I hope they keep the cloned cattle isolated from breeding, and have done tests on the consumption of the meat. It's kinda scary.
@nicolejb you decide
oh yeah interesting thought @InPlainSight and @ButterflyBlu it's supposed to be the best cow being breed so the meat is supposed to be really good.. though I'm not sure I would actually want to eat it... haha test for chemicals or radiation... how do you even clone something? it's beyond me. awww yeah @RaquelArredondo totally! like what about the animals in the process, and you never know what could happen to them
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