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We already know the lore of the Fallout universe but what about the philosophy that governs the game's world? I mean, the people who write these games must have some kind of brain in their skulls while they put pen to paper (or finger to keyboard) when they put all these characters together, right?
Well, they do. And the people at Wisecrack broke it down a little bit. And honestly, it's a pretty fun watch even though the video is a bit long. It's around 16 minutes in length but it's definitely worth watching all the way through if you find the time.
It covers a wide range of topics and even breaks down the philosophies found within the game. Now, I'm not much of an intellectual, so I won't claim to understand half of the stuff they're talking about but I've got to say that listening makes me feel a little smarter.
Also, it informed the way I decided to play through Fallout 4. Their breakdown of each faction in Fallout 3 and Fallout: New Vegas had to do with this. Especially when they went over the Brotherhood of Steel. I may have misunderstood their role in the Wasteland because I always assumed that they were the "good guys".
But after watching this video, I see that everything is a little more complex than it first seems. The Fallout universe is one that is wrought with complexities. Even down to the most simple of quests, characters, and actions, it seems like there isn't a clear right or wrong in the game. There just is, and that might be the reason this series is so beloved.
Yeah the Brotherhood is always polarizing. One of the funny things about Fallout 4 is like, that you get a brotherhood power armor suit like, first thing. I'm not sure how I feel about that.
@TessStevens I always thought the Brotherhood were the good guys... but after this video I'm feeling a little weird about them. haha