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We all have an Ultimate Bias, and with an Ultimate Bias Comes an Ultimate Bias Wrecker, someone who tries to Take their place.
My Ultimate Bias is Ravi, Omo, he's So Cute! I LOVE HIM SO MUCH!!!!! sorry...I had a Fangirl moment there, I'm back now.
and Here he is, My Bias Wrecker, he hasn't taken My Ravi's Place, I will not let him come between me and my Oppa! but sometimes I have to tell him to get back over in his lane. Kim Namjoon, Why do you have to be so Darn Cute?!
Who is Your Ultimate Bias, and Ultimate Bias wrecker? please let me know in the comments.
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@Kyokeo it can be from any group, Just somebody in second place of your UB. My UB is Ravi, but my Bias wrecker is alway changing from Bang Yong Guk to Kim Namjoon.
@SarangRavi Oooh okay, then my second place would be switching from Jimin and Xiumin XD
My UB is T.O.P and my UB wrecker is jhope!!!
@KutieKiKi T.O.P is Gorgeous! 馃槏
My Ultimate Bias is J-Hope and my Ultimate Wrecker is Taehyung... But the UB changes like weekly.