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zeref makes me sad i love him so much
i really hope zeref didn't die right there.... that was too easy...
Hey is anyone wonder why he was saying names at the end of the chapter like Igneel,LAYLA,Anna like who is Anna and how does zeref know Lucy's mom and I know why he included Igneel and Mavis but just wondering on the two zeref said馃檮馃槄
Who the hell is Anna??? How did Natsu end up with Igneel??? Did Layla have any affiliation with Alvarez Empire before she married? ?? Are we about to embark a new flashback??
this did seem to easy for natsu but I think its because the true boss fight hasn't started yet. he's probably gonna find out what he really is and have to kill the black dragon
Nah, i know zeref isn't dead. Most likely took severe damage but not dead. And I was wondering why he said Lucy's mom's name and who is Anna?
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