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zeref makes me sad i love him so much
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@esefani36 they're not really 400 years old though i mean they were born 400 years ago taken into the future but still haven't lived for 400 years, get it ? i guess its confusing
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Yeah thanks for explaining @desireesowah143 but what about the time arc of Battle of fairy tail when freed put the runes and Natsu and Gajeel couldn't get out if the were either the girls that were turned to stone or above the age of 80
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dragon slayers weren't allowed out, well that's the conclusion they came up with anyway, maybe its because they were born 400 years ago even though they weren't alive for 400 years idk
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No worries @desireesowah143 I'm not putting pressure I'm just curious 馃槙 but I wish Hiro Mashima would do a convention
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