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Okay everyone... Get ready because I haven't heard this theory yet nor have I read many but my 14 cousin just made up this theory after I showed him all 3 videos and I think we got something. I COMPLETELY understand if no one agrees with this, but give it a try. This is going to be Part 1 of this theory, where as I will need everyone's help for part 2. Theory: My cousin believes that everything is revolving around V. As you can see on the picture above, he created some sort of timeline to help with what V is experiencing and how it affects part of this whole story. In order to figure this out, we need to find out what is the beginning and what is the end to this story. My cousin and I believe that the beginning is in the prologue, when V is laying down on the mattress waiting for his homies. Everything in the prologue happens and then we get to the scene where V jumps off the tower and into the water. When this happens it skips to the I Need U music video and all the bad things start to happen. The overdose of Jhope, the drowning of Jimin, Suga setting the room on fire etc, etc.
Now, the end to this is the beginning of the prologue, where V calls who I believe could be Jin. After, we see that in the prologue V hugs Jin, as if saying thank you or just happy to see him. Here's where it gets weird so bare with me. We continue with the prologue again, but this time, V decides not to jump. I believe this could when he climbs on top of the abandoned shack and looks down at the empty pool.
I could be completely wrong, and it could just be a vision of him thinking about jumping, but if that isn't the case, then we just don't see it. But V doesn't jump. When he doesn't, the prologue continues, but instead of I Need U, the Run MV begins. V is in an ongoing- infinite loop, where if he chooses to jump, bad things happen, but if he doesn't, the more realistic, fun times happen. At the end of the Run MV we see V getting out of the water as if he was like resurrected in a way. And then the whole loop just begins again.
TRUST ME I KNOW THIS SOUNDS SO CONFUSING AND PROBABLY FUCKING STUPID BUT THINK ABOUT IT FOR A SEC. Through out this whole journey, my cousin believes that Rap Monster is the person who knows everything that V is going through and that he's there to help him. "You need to survive" I believe is dedicated to V. He is telling him not to jump.
As far as what is everyone else's deal and why they're doing the things they are, I will include that in a part 2 when I try to figure out how V's timeline influences everyone else's. I'll try to figure out what happened to Jin. This theory is also related to the butterfly effect. "One of the principles of chaos where a single occurrence, no matter how small, can change the course of something forever."
Forever. Let that soak in...LIKE SEASONINNN ok ok sorry going off topic. If you still don't understand, just think of the music videos as different dimensions they are in, except V is the only one who sees it repeatedly. He's looking for freedom, and he wants to know how to escape this loop.
@88kpoplove No problem, I thought the same thing the first time I watched all three in a row. Today I was in the shower, and I thinking "What is up with the butterflies?" and then I remember the little folk tale that if you whisper a message to a butterfly it will deliver it to the heavens, and I was like ohhhhh shiiiittt.
this makes so much sense.
and rynne (I'll post the links from YouTube to show you what I mean )
......this kinda reminds me of heat haze days
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