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I understand now that you didn't ask for it. Didn't understand why I rested on your chest ears tilted to the sound of your heartbeat convincing myself I heard each steady beat skip. You didn't ask for it. Didn't beg me to come over. Stayed ignorant as I kissed your lips like a starved animal sucking in each breath, stealing and sealing it You became the one thing keeping me alive, crooked smiles the only rhythm pumping my already flatlined heart like my body already realized what my mind didn't. You didn't ask for that. But after telling you "I love you" and every kiss you gave me after; I asked for it and you delivered. And that is your fault. But as for our, I'm sorry, MY love, I understand now, It is as unrequited as this apology.
@lizarnone Your words are as beautiful as you are. You have an amazing way to articulate emotions. You're a true artist.
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Beautiful. <3
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