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(This is the second chapter of my story 'Broken Memories: A Kim Taehyung Fan fiction.' I hope you like it. Tell me what you think.) [If you're new, here is a link to the first chapter, Hope you like it!]

Chapter 2: Remember.

*Present Day, 5:20 am. Monday, September 24th* "Taehyungie~~" I heard a girls voice say in singsong. I looked up to see Jakyung standing over me. I smile slightly. "Hey, Jakyung-ah." I mutter. "Finally. You woke up. It took you long enough. I was about to go get a bucket." She jokes. I shake my head. And knowing her...she probably would. Wait a minute...... "What are you doing in my room?" I remembered the fact that I'm shirtless and pull my blanket closer to me. "I have been calling you and sending you texts. We have to get to school. We can't be late on our first day. Senior year waits for no man!" She shouts happily, walking over to my closet. She opened the door and walked around, gathering my uniform. Oh yeah, I forgot. Its finally my last year of high school. I guess since I got my own apartment, I felt like an adult. I keep forgetting I'm just eighteen. I watched her as she placed my uniform neatly on my desk chair. She smiled, as if she's enjoying this. I smile as I watch her. She brushes her hair from her face and turns to look at me. She laughs. "Well, look who got bold." She smiles. I look confused. She motions for me to look down. I look to see that my blanket has fallen, exposing my chest. My face goes red. I pull the blanket back up and look away. "Sorry." I mutter. She smirks. "Its okay...just get dressed. We don't want to be late." She walks out of my room and closes my door. I sigh and lay back down on my back. Ugh, how stupid can I be? I got out of bed and headed to my bathroom. Switching on the light, I looked in the mirror and saw my bed head. My bangs are drooping in front of my eyes. I look like a rebel. I shake my head and walk to the shower. Switching it on, I waited for the water to get warm. I slipped off my pajamas and stepped in, letting the warm water cover my body. I dropped my head and let my hair get wet. I bathed and rinsed, standing under the shower head, savoring the hot water. When I finished, I stepped out of the shower; switching the water off. I dried my hair and brushed my teeth. I walked out of the bathroom, towel around my waist. I got dressed leisurely. I buttoned up the blazer I have never worn. It felt new. Like this year. Brushing off my clothes, I walked out of my room and saw Jakyung placing a plate on the table. She heard me coming and looked to the right. She saw me and smiled. "Aww look at you. Looking all grown up in your uniform. Super cute." She teased, knowing how much I hated being called 'cute'. "Yah! I told you not to call me that." I shook my head. "Oh. I don't listen." She told me. I knew it. She then motioned for me to sit behind the plate she placed on the table. I walked over and complied. "Eat up! You have a huge day ahead of you." She smiled, sounding like my mom. "Well, aren't you sweet? Are you eating breakfast too?" I ask her, taking a bite. She shook her head. "I ate at home." She said, gathering my books. She really was a lot like my mom. I nodded and continued eating. I couldn't help but stare at her. She looks so beautiful in the morning. There is just this glow about her.....I dont understand. I finished eating and took my dishes and placed them in their sink. Right when I did that, I turned to see Jakyumg standing right next to me. Out of shock, I jump and yell slightly. She laughs. "I love scaring you. Anyway," She grabs my wrist...I think back to the day when we first met..." Lets I said. Senior year waits for no man!" She pulled me with her and we ran out the door. I stopped her and locked my door. She waited impatiently, I loved how she looks when she is impatient. She taps her foot and bites her bottom lip. "Lets go!" She grabs my wrist again when I finish and we start running. We run throughout the busy city of Daegu, maneuvering throughout the bustling people. We stop at the crosswalk and wait for the 'Walk' signal. When it dings, she grabs my wrist again and we run. I follow, slightly out of breath. She does this all the time. Every year. I wonder how I haven't gotten used to it. Finally, we round the corner of the school and run up to the gates. She stops and takes a deep breath, hesitating a bit. I look at her confused. Jakyung never hesitates. "Are you okay, Jakyung-ah?" I place my hand on her shoulder. A shock of electricity shoots up my arm. "Yeah...I'm fine! Lets go." Her smile returns and she starts walking to the front door with me. We finally arrive. Another year.....of trying to hide my love for Jakyung. Who knew this year would change everything?
(I kinda thought this chapter was a bit wordy but I hope you like it. Tell me what you think in the comments. I'm thinking of doing a Jakyung POV for the next chapter......NAH!!! I'm gonna keep you guys in suspence.....cause I'm evil like that. ) @kpop14young @SugaOnTop @kimleekwonshin @VeronicaArtino @DeyaniraEstrada @Simba14 @KellyOConnor @JasmineWilliams @Kitty17 @OliviaZenger @Bitterlimelight
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