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So I was going through Facebook and I came across allkpop's article about the rumors of SM debuting a new group. At the comments section, people were actually disappointed. Like whuuuuut?!?! I've been waiting for these boys to debut AGES ago and people are being ridiculous claiming that EXO will be replaced by these guys or that SM already has too many groups. Like first of all, no one is replacing ANYONE! Second of all, why should you care if SM debuts a new group?! If that's what they wish to do, then take my money SM! I won't care! If it bothers you too much, then make your own agency and release as many groups as you want! People are so damn annoying sometimes. I've been dying for SMRookies to debut and I hope it's them!

I need more things to stress myself with!

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People make the same complaints when they debuted Red Velvet and people like them so I don't know what people are on about. People need to debut, you just want them sitting in limbo forever...?
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I hope they debut........I'm kidding if they finally debut that's 12 more people that will ruin my life ......who am I kidding lol my life is already ruined so bring it on sm
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@Beccachu 😮 a new group?!?!?!?!?! Time to pick a bias xD
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They will need to debut some groups soon as Shinee will be slowly entering the military and SuJu will have members in still too.
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I wish SM debuted a girl group with the care and importance they seem to put into their boy groups... Though I don't really pay attention to boy groups I wish them the best since obviously they've worked for it!
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