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I have the greatest best friend ever!! I love my case!! Thank you best friend!! 😊❤️ @zarahlinaria
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@amberg171997 you're so welcome c: seriously though, I'm going to get you more ^-^ and I'm glad you love it! I know I adore the BTS cards you got for me ♡
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@Starbell808 Amazon has a lot of Kpop cases. It's hard to find cases for some phones. I think they only have Kpop cases for galaxy phones and iPhones.
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ah. @amberg171997 if not i do like key chains and other small stuff. that i am sure to find
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@Starbell808 yeah true they have a lot of Kpop merchandise on Amazon
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only cause im listening to the sound right now oneul bam uri freaky freaky hae yeah, i norae jjorreo, nae rap jjerreo, nae style jjerreo. sorry sorry just cause..... just cause
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