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Good news football fans: Monday Night Football is back!
Tonight division rivals square off as the Baltimore Ravens take on the Cleveland Browns. One the fence and worried you will pick the wrong team in the your fantasy pick em leagues? Have no fear! I am here with a breakdown on both teams which will help you pick the winner of tonight's game.
The Ravens are riddled with injuries on both sides of the ball. Tyrell Suggs was lost in the first week of the season. Quarterback Joe Flacco and running back Justin Forsett are out. Wide receiver Steve Smith Sr. is also out for the year with a major injury. With that being said, the Ravens still have an influx of young talent that has the ability to make big plays. Kamar Aiken and first round pick Breshard Perriman are ready to go and can make big plays down the field tonight for Baltimore.
The Browns are fairly healthy, but suspensions and lack of good behavior effect the product they are putting on the field. Johnny Manziel is on the bench after the partying scandal last week. Josh Morgan is out for the year due to substance abuse. The Ravens are beat up, but do the Browns have enough solid pieces to move the down ball the field?
I'm going to say no. The Browns have a solid team, but a stale offense will lead to their downfall in this one.
Who are you guys going with tonight?
@VeronicaArtino Haha...well tough loss tonight :( Better luck to you and your fam next game!
@Straightshooter Hahaha that's true. Well, I guess I'll have to go with you on this one since you are a true Ravens fan haha
@Straightshooter Haha you really want that draft pick!
according to every clevelander I know born and raised there you can not hate your team no matter how many disappoints and upsets. yes they hardcore where as I am @mchlyang
@Straightshooter Haha thanks bud!
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