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A couple's wedding day is a day that they will never forget in their lives.
You want him or her to be happy, healthy and–on the wedding day, if nothing else–to have everything they’ve ever wanted.
An Australian man named Micheal Dawson went to great lengths to make his wife happy on their big day. Dawson knew his wife was a HUGE A$AP FERG fan, so he decided to reach out to one of Harlem’s most raucous rappers for a personal touch.
When A$AP Ferg was scheduled to play a show in Sydney, Dawson reached out to the rapper’s people in hopes of securing a video greeting for his bride-to-be, whom Dawson says listens to Ferg “pretty much 24/7.” “He put on a meet-and-greet,” the groom told Pedestrian, “and the tour manager arranged for me to hang back to ask, then he introduced us and I gave him my spiel. I was so surprised when he said ‘Yeah sure’, he was actually super down with it.”
Score one for the good guys.
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That's so cool. I love when men (and women) go that ridiculous mile for their significant others, not because they want something back, but because it will make that person happy. 💜