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Is it love?????
I know I haven't been posting for a while but that doesn't matter since I'm here with you guys now. Here is another song that I absolutely love.....A calm in the midst of the storm as I would I like to call. Everyone has been dying because of BTS's comeback and I'm here to give most of you some peace. Here is a song that calms down my hypeness a bit and lets me float into a state of calm euphoria (which is very contradictory since it means a state of intense excitement and happiness). But all the contradictions aside this song helps me stay happy and excited but still calm me down.
What do you think???
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Yessss!!!! Soran and Beenzino were my first Kpop experience so I always love their music ❤
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Yes for me! I fell in love with her voice when I heard her collab with Primary. Mannequin is my jam! She has a unique voice and it's very soothing. 😊
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