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Do You Think J Lo is 'Too' Sexy?
Jennifer looks great. She's a mother of two, and she is in her 40s. She's still rocking her youthful glow and her bangin' body, but not everyone feels that she should. Some people feel she should cover up since she is now a mother and she is no longer the young Jenny from the block. What do you think?

Is it time for J Lo to tune down the sexy, or should she continue to rock her sex appeal?

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haha thanks @crystalblunt
2 years ago·Reply
I think she is sexy "to sexy" lol I don't know about that hahah x) but she still got it :)
2 years ago·Reply
why is it so matter? mother's are still wanna look sexy to their husbands.
2 years ago·Reply
Rock it while you still got it
2 years ago·Reply
I won't lie, I once criticized jlo for this very thing way back, being "too sexy" after she became a mother, but I know think of it differently (I matured yay!) Right now I think she should do what she thinks is the best option for her to provide for her children. Her whole career has been based on her looks as well as talents, using her body is an asset is one of those talents. If she feels she can still pull it off a while longer then more power to her. I can't slam someone who is hustling, especially now that she has children to take care of. That's my pov on this
2 years ago·Reply