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Jennifer looks great. She's a mother of two, and she is in her 40s. She's still rocking her youthful glow and her bangin' body, but not everyone feels that she should. Some people feel she should cover up since she is now a mother and she is no longer the young Jenny from the block. What do you think?

Is it time for J Lo to tune down the sexy, or should she continue to rock her sex appeal?

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I am not a mother so I cant say from that perspective. However, if I ever become a mother and a wife, I still want to own and express my sexiness!
no such thing as too sexy! j.lo has been glowing for years & will continue to do so as she ages. she's like fine wine, she obviously gets better with time.
too sexy?! hell no!!! one can't be to sexy in my humble opinion.
I think she is sexy "to sexy" lol I don't know about that hahah x) but she still got it :)
yes girl. make sure you work it cause you know you bad @alywoah
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