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ok so a lot of my friends n family think he's my boyfriend I mean come on someone as fine as him wth me pu-lease I wish he was he's fine as heck but I j tell thm yea he is soooo my boyfriend ( note sarcasm) haha but I don't see how havin ur bias as ur wall paper is a problem my family think it is bc it "distracts" me from skool work n tat it's bad fo me wat do u guys think I'm also tagging someone because she had the same problem I had haha @SugaOnTop
I think that it isnt a distraction. If anything seeing your bias as your wallpaper will make you feel better. I know when im having a bad day or im anxious about something I stare at my wallpaper (Got7's JB cause why not) and i feel a thousand times better.
@taetaebaozi Lol yeah I don't go crazy over kpop because I'm not about that life but I wish I could keep a wallpaper background for a long time but sadly I can't
@Byeoli thank u haha I will haha
@taetaebaozi I think you should just not listen to them anymore. Trust me its hard, i get hella crap about my wallpaper from my dad and sibilings. But in the end, i keep it as is because it makes me feel better. If it inspires you than even more of a reason to not listen. Keep going and do you. Fighting!!
@SugaOnTop I'm like u to music is mostly everything to me it has meaning to me
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