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So, without fail, the holiday season always reminds me how absolutely horrible I am at wrapping gifts. I try, every year, to wrap them thoughtfully, with brand new wrapping paper boasting Christmas trees or stars or tiny penguins. However, it all ends up crumpled up into large balls of frustration around my living room, so whatever gift-wrapping inspiration you were hoping to get from me is just not going to happen any time soon. Not this millennium.

However, check out the packaging handiwork of Sheila, a 27-year-old graphic designer from the San Francisco Bay who put the rest of us to some serious gift wrapping shame.

Swipe left to each of these presents to see how they were wrapped - and prepare to be amazed.

With a handy Xacto and some graphic design know-how, she transformed this small set of Gundams into a huge stick of butter.

And what could she be doing with this copy of 'Falling Up'? Wrapping it up like a sirloin steak, of course.

She actually designed her own fake butcher shop labels to pull this one off.

I like this one because it (somewhat morbidly) stuck with the ocean theme.

Okay, maybe it's just me, but I'd much rather have the giant candy bar.

And the doughnuts. I mean, fairies are great, but check out all those sprinkles!

It's crazy how realistic this sushi looks - even in photographs!

And, last but not least, one man's Nintendo cartridge-inspired flask is another man's, uh... cheese?

So what did you guys think? Could you pull this wrapping job off, or do you have a better, more signature strategy of your own?

@danidee yes i drop some sick beats
Lol...someone should pretend that they're not buying Christmas presents and say they're going out to the market and when they come back they should have everyone unload the bag xD Whoever would get the Hershey wraping would be soooo disappointed
Impressive 馃槕 However I enjoy gag gifts, or rather present teasers. I'm the kind of person that makes you work for what's inside the box. lol Multiple layers, hint cards, hidden treasures, joke boxes... that's me. I call that creative insanity. The family knows my trickery well. 馃槇 Yes.. I should probably get coal in my stocking for being a brat every year.
@TerrecaRiley oh I do! I love my parents a lot. They're pretty amazing!! The toys are always labeled as being from Santa and it makes my son laugh when it's always toys. ;) @danidee Yes! Yes, they are! We had a blast playing with that track. It is the one with the currents and remotes. You should see how pumped we all get over silly little race cars!! lol
@ButterflyBlu THOSE RACETRACKS ARE SUPER RAD THOUGH. Was it the ones with the little electric current, so you can get the cars to move via remote control?
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