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Okay, this might be just me.
Of course, there is your obvious bias in a group.
But a secret bias is that member you know you love, but want to lie to yourself and say you don't.
I'm gonna use BTS and GOT7 for this example.
BTS Bias: J-Hope
Secret BTS Bias: Suga
GOT7 Bias: Mark
GOT7 Secret Bias: Jackson
Who is your secret bias?
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Jimin from BTS
2 years ago·Reply
Jackson is my bias in GOT7 but Mark is my secret bias just cause u can't have one and not the other lol
2 years ago·Reply
I have no secret bias. just like I have no bias wrecker
2 years ago·Reply
Mine is jimin hehe
2 years ago·Reply
BTS Bias: tae tae (V) BTS Secret Bias: J-Hope EXO Bias: Suho EXO Secret Bias: Baekhyun GOT7 Bias: Jackson GOT7 Secret Bias: Mark
2 years ago·Reply