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So I'm currently watching Fairy Tail! This is the first time I'm watching it and I must say it has become one of my favorites by far. The emotion and dedication to the guild keeps me coming back for more, oh and of course Nalu.
While I was watching this I couldn't help but to shed some tears. Just like Lyon. Not just for Gray but for the others as well, it was heart breaking thinking that was the way it was going end for the fellow guild mates.
But then when we least expected, a miracle happened. A once horrible person did the unthinkable and sacrificed her life (well to my knowledge) to save the others as a way to atone for her crimes. She managed to reverse time just slightly (only one minute actually) but with that magic spell everyone was saved. Thanks to her I felt happiness in my heart again, scratch that, more like a bittersweet moment because I did like her as a character. I hope the more i watch they reveal that she's okay but I know I'm just being optimistic.
My favorite moments would have to be the way Natsu treats Lucy. I mean how Kawaii are they :) They might not know it yet but they're so meant to be with one another.
To close up the story arc they all had a banquet for the heroic acts of all the guilds. They were even thanked by his majesty himself. I really can't wait to keep watching this amazing anime. I'll catch you guys later! Tell me what you think about fairy tail, if you like it, love it or even hate it. I doubt people hate this anime but let me know your thoughts and should I be excited for what's to come???
i fell the same for fairy tail as you i love it
There's haters for everything out there, but I LOVE Fairytail! it might even be my favorite, though it doesn't hurt that it was one of my firsts (disclaimer: I still consider myself to be in the early stages of otaku, with only a large handful of anime's and barely any manga under my belt). Just wait till the next arc! It's so ridiculous, it's beautiful!
I love it but im only in the 130s I ran out of data
yes. fairytail is amazing in my opinion. I love the arc now.
that sucks