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I'm so late on this but I couldn't just skip over my favorite nutball in BTS!!! So here we go continuing the BTS hype. What do you think of J-Hope?
Arousing? or Adorable?

Cuddly? or Charming?

Sexy? or Cute?

Awww!!! You can't deny that smile!!!

He's so goofy....And I love it <3

Uhhh sir....who told you this was okay??

*speechless* I...don't even.....I....

So what do you think????

Leave your opinions in the comments below :D

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I see.... The cutness inside the sexy... Is that weird? 馃槀馃槀
he is cute-ly sexy and sex-ly cute
he's just such a cutie that even when he's sexy you can find some cuteness in him.
HE IS PERFECTION <3 <3 <3 He can be sexy and cute!!! Too me.. Like on stage he is more sexy but back stage he's more on the cuter side like he can do body rolls and aegyo so he is the ultimate package <3 <3 <3