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Well 2015 has been a really good year in kpop.... We have had a lot of comebacks,a few debut,and a share of drama. But I am not here to talk about (at least not today). I am here to share the 3 groups that I never gave a chance till now.

BTOB I fell in love with BTOB literally over night. I heard "It's Okay" and started screaming because that was the first song I had listened to from them.

miss A Every single song on their album was good. I was really surprised at how fast I really got into a girl groups album .I don't like that many girl groups but miss A really had a great album.

GOT7 OK....I know I said this before in one of my other post. If you only knew that I said I didn't want to give GOT7 a chance to my sister a dozen times. I am going to slap myself for saying that. GOT7 is literally all I have been listening to for the past few weeks. I am even mad that I bought my niece their album for Christmas and not myself.