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An MBC staff confirmed that TK2H was filming in Namyangju today. He tweeted at 5pm KST that there were 4 more scenes left to film. ~~~~~~ According to a dctk2h fan, TK2H is currently filming in Namyangju, Gyeonggi-do. S/he saw both JaeHa and HangAh. ~~~~~~ Kim Yoon Tae who plays a royal secretary bid his farewell to TK2H a few days ago, but he just tweeted today that he got some extra scenes in Ep 19 & 20 because of script modification. So I guess the writer is making some last-minute changes. I really, really hope that these changes are more to our liking cr: tryp96.wordpress.com 3 hours ago.
wow thanks supernovah for sharing! how i love these filming news!!!
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wakakkaka dapet juga kamu spoilernyaa
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well, to feed my addiction to this drama... just couldn't wait for the episode to air (luckily me, i'm not someone who will affected by the spoiler. Whatever the spoiler, just gonna love the drama and watch it till the end :) )
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i love spoiler!!!!
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welcome to the club @pnhq ^_^
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