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There are so many jokes I could be making about the corn they serve here, but I'd much rather leave this one up to you guys.
@InPlainSight @Danse Available in steamed, grilled, or RAW AND UNCUT.
I'm completely surrounded by the dozens of others just like me, in this small, dark chamber, all waiting for our release. It has begun. The heat has been turned on, everyone in this chamber now participating our ritual. The oil dripping from the ones above me, covering me completely in the painfully numbing sensations, the oil now dripping to the ones below me. We all await our release, for some it did not take long but for others it may never come. It is my turn, I can feel it, a great pressure deep down in my core, the pressure builds and builds I can no longer hold it in, the pressure and the heat is just too much, I can feel it coming, and finally... bliss. I am now complete, in my true form, awaiting the next part of my journey.
without question the best place to get the highest quality - most varieties - served up any way you want it... wait... are we talking about corn?
@danidee And we love your ridiculous yet fascinatingly hilarious cards. 馃槝馃構
@InPlainSight @hhead232 @Danse @petname83 @melifluosmelodi @TerrecaRiley I love everything about how ridiculous this comment space has gotten.
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