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idk ppl would always think, i was an evil hellspawn, so ppl avoided me or didn't really talk to me. it wasn't till i met a girl who basically told me off, that i started to change, i became more approachable then the other girls noticed me, then i made more friends n i started to feel alive. Cause i always felt kinda like i wasn't awake, like i just wasn't existing. N one day i realized that i could get better at drawing n with that same girl(who became close my friend) i started to really improve my skillz, i learned, i developed a love of the tattoo art style. Then highschool ended, we are all walking our own paths n we don't see each other as much as we should n i never told her how i felt about her..... but cause of her i've changed, n I've grown as a person, even tho i still have some flaws, i feel alive