I recently did a Seventeen edition k-Pop in glasses card, and thought to myself: What other groups can I find that look gorgeous in some spectacles? Beast really immediately came to mind. They all sport frames at some point, and they all look amazing doing it. No I'm not biased... Its not like they are my main bias group or anything... Cough. Once again, this isn't exhaustive since I'm too lazy to find ever photo ever but I think my quickie search harbored some good results. *none of the pics are mine*


Kiki seems to sport the same frames in most of the photos I found so these must be his personal pair and his personal favorite. I love the bigger, yet subdued look of these glasses, and they make this beautiful idol look a bit more down to earth and approachable. Plus he looks so squishy on them you can see him rocking some frames in the Beautiful MV.


Our maknae! The first two photos, he is rocking the same tortoise shell frames and I can't tell if he actually needs them to see of if they are just for style. Regardless, he looks so put together in that pair. The third pair I would be extremely shocked if they were for anything but style even though that frame style isn't my favorite, and the fourth picture takes us to an adorable Woonie in thinner frames.


Our leader looks so handsome in glasses!!! Doojoon's classically handsome looks just get enhanced when he puts on a pair of glasses and he was one of the easiest members to find with a pair on his face!


If he wears glasses for prescription, he doesn't do it often and prefers contacts cause he was one of the harder members to find. I love how he looks with them though, and they even have him rocking the thin frames in an MV.


Seobie looks like a long lost Seventeen member cause his preferred rounded frames seem to be the favorites of the rookie boys as well. Yoseob doesn't have many glasses photos, but he sure is a cutie when he wants to rock them! Definitely not prescription though, cause most of the time the glasses don't even look like they have lenses.


Our rapper is the glasses King. He loves them for style and can be seen rocking frames in a lot of his Insta selcas or at events for Beast. He doesn't stick with a particular style, but recently he has definitely leaned towards the round frames, even sampling some Seventeen wire frames the last few years. Regardless of what he wears, he looks babe in them!
gi kwang💕💕💕💕💋. 👌
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my Junhyung looks so good in glasses but then again they all do!
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