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Everyday is a holiday with Katy Perry!

Katy Perry is the example when it comes to producing hit jingles for just about any celebration. This year it was announced that Perry would be the new face of H&M for their holiday collection which undoubtedly came with a flashy new music video and new Christmas hit! Her Christmas themed video has many festive characters that scream wannabe 'Left Shark' however they don't quite meet the memo. However, that doesn't stop Perry's continual success.
Supposedly the commercial made it's debut on Nov. 23 however it hasn't gotten much press. The song is already playing in H&Ms throughout the USA and her song is expected to have a grander debut for radio. Perry is having a HUGE year after being named the richest musical performer in the world this year raking in a total of $135M. Her H&M campaign probably boasts her net worth even more.
When Perry's song does hit radio waves, it'll be interesting to see if she will be able to top Adele who is currently dominating the world right now. Perry is one of the only big pop stars in the world right now who has publicly announced a new Christmas single. Last year, there were tons of new Christmas tunes so there won't be as much competition for Perry this year. Just keep your ears open!

What do you think of "Every Day Is A Holiday"?

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This music video has all the typical holiday stuff and I still loved it. <3